Nursery Autumn Term Newsletter 2017


Dear Mummies, Daddies and Carers,

We would like to begin by welcoming the new children and the families who have joined us this term:  Askim, Ela, Joshua, La Manne, Mikayla, Natalie and Naya.


Autumn Term Curriculum 2017

Sarbjit, Sharmain, Carly, Ceylan, Yasmin, Shaun, Kate and Griselda

First half term topic: I am Special

Second half term topic: Celebrations

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED):

The main focus of this term will be on building and forming relationships and confidence among the children. It is important that the children feel safe and have the confidence to express their needs, thoughts and opinions among their new peers. The Nursery children will partake in a ‘Mindful Moment’ each day to encourage awareness of their own thoughts, feelings and movements, and to provide a moment of calm throughout a busy and active day in the Nursery.

Physical Development (PD):

At the beginning of the year, the children will use our outside area to develop their gross motor skills. They are able to climb, crawl and jump around the equipment and make use of the bikes on the our track. They will be playing active games and using the hall to practice moving over, under, around and through equipment safely. In the classroom we also do a lot of dancing to keep us active. Fine motor development will continue through play with malleable materials such as play dough, water play and sorting small objects to strengthen our muscles to help us to hold our pens.

Communication and Language (C&L):

Small and whole group speaking and listening activities will be used to help develop the children’s communication and language skills. We will begin to broaden our vocabulary in a number of different ways, such as using a variety of media to listen to stories. We will explore new words through our topics and introduce them through dramatic, imaginary and creative play experiences. We will begin some small group phonic activities to introduce simple sounds.

Expressive Arts and Design (EAD):

Children will begin to develop their creative skills through imaginative play such as acting out stories, dressing up and role playing. They will be provided with a range of materials with which they can creatively experiment at our art table. The children are encouraged to listen to different styles of music throughout our daily routine. This is extended through the music sessions conducted by our specialist music teacher, Kate, once a week, where they play instruments and learn a range of songs. We will also partake in the Harvest, Christmas and Easter services at St john of Jerusalem Church .

Understanding the World (UtheW):

This term our focus will be around learning about ourselves, our families and our community. We will look at what makes us unique but also what makes us a family or a community. We will also learn about our bodies and how we use them. In the second half term we will learn about different celebrations and cultures. Children will continue to use a range of relevant technology, such as iPads, CD players and IWBs.



Literacy (Lit):

Throughout our day at Nursery, we use nursery rhymes and songs to encourage the rhythm of spoken words and exploring new vocabulary in a familiar way. Our knowledge and recognition of the alphabet is forever growing as we play with letters and their sounds in non-formal play. We will begin to practise our handwriting skills which will be supported by fine motor play experiences such as playdough, threading and painting.

Mathematics (Maths):

The children are constantly counting throughout play experiences and their daily routine. At register and lunch time the children are exposed to numbers in their environment and how we use them every day. Number songs, books, finger counting and number play will continue to help the children count independently to 10, recognise numbers to 5. This term we will also be looking at shapes and colour in our world and use them in construction and play.


Whole school projects for this year:

The Nursery will participate in aspects of the following projects: Class Author, Africa, Nigeria, Black history Month. This year, as a school, we continue to take part in an initiative run by UNICEF UK, which encourages schools to place the UN convention on The Rights of the Child at the heart of its ethos and curriculum. In the early years we will be focusing on every child’s right to stay safe, to learn and to play.




Weekly Events:



Special Books


10.10-10.20 EYFS & KS1 Assembly


8.55-9.10 Bookloans

9.10-10.10 PE with Shaun


2.20-2.50pm Singing with Kate


9.15-11.45 Forest School

10.15-10.45 Spanish with Griselda

1.30-1.45 Show & Tell (Toy Day)


Dates for your Diary:

Thursday 7th December - 12.45-4.30pm Christmas Panto -Hackney Empire

Monday 11th November- 2-3pm Class Visit to Hackney Central Library

Thursday 14th December -3.30-5pm Christmas Fair

Tuesday 19th December- Christmas Lunch

Thursday 21st December- 10-11am Visit to St John of Jerusalem Church: Nativity Whole School