Our School Values


We value the specialness not only of ourselves, but also of others 

We honour other people and respect their worth

We show others that they are valued by acting in generous and unselfish ways towards them


We are peacemakers

 We get over arguments quickly and fairly

We have times when we can be peaceful and calm as well as times that we are more noisy and busy 

We are encouraged to share peaceful times with God through prayer



We encourage children to be hopeful, to think positively
We work hard to bring hope to children whose lives are difficult at the moment. 
We are hopeful about the possibility of all children achieving and developing. 
We tell children about the hope we have in Jesus



We encourage children to be trustworthy people who can be relied on and who tell the truth and are able to make informed decisions 
We make sure that all of the adults in school behave in ways that enable children to trust them
We make sure that parents can trust that their children are safe, happy and are successful in their learning
We encourage children to trust in God and his goodness


We forgive people when they have hurt us and do not hold grudges 

We understand that God always forgives us and nothing that we do is so bad that God won’t love us anymore

In assembly, we have time to say sorry to God in our prayers if we are feeling guilty about something


We encourage children to make deep and satisfying friendships
We help children who are having problems with their friendships