Our Vision

                                                           OUR VISION STATEMENT
St John of Jerusalem is a Church of England primary school with a strong Christian ethos and a caring and inclusive environment. 

Our children are at the heart of everything we do, and so within a friendly and supportive school community we will ensure that:

  • We set and maintain high academic standards

  • Each child is motivated to reach their full potential through high quality, enjoyable teaching and learning

  • Each child has access to a rich, broad and balanced curriculum

  • We have high expectations of both staff and children and that...

  • Staff and children have high expectations of one another
  • Christian faith and values inform the whole life of the school and that each child is provided with a wide range of opportunities to develop in body, mind and spirit

  • Respect for all faiths is encouraged so that the school is inclusive of the community it serves and so that each child develops the confidence, sensitivity and skills to live in a diverse community

  • Everyone in the school community is treated fairly and encouraged to develop their skills, self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Everyone’s views are valued and that children are encouraged to develop a sense of pride, ownership, responsibility and independence

  • Mutually positive relationships between the school and the wider community are fostered

  • There is a close partnership and involvement of parents and carers