School Council

With our new candidates chosen for 2019-20, the School Council have bought new and interesting ideas to the table which we hope everyone will be excited to see. School Council meetings will be held fortnightly with the minutes from our meetings being passed on to the Senior Leadership. We are proud to have the Support of the Senior Leadership who will attend the meetings on occasions.

This year our School Council have decided to do a 'Design a School Logo' competition.  We will give pupils a blank shield to design the new logo on.  We will ask for a 20p competition entry fee and a winner will be chosen by the School Council, one winner from KS1 and another winner from KS2.  Winners will receive a cup or T-shirt with their design printed on it.  

All proceeds will go towards a school disco before the end of the Spring Term.  The disco will be organised and run by School Council members and we will decide what food and music will be provided at the disco.

All proceeds from the disco will go towards new playground equipment.

If you have any Ideas or suggestions for our school Council;

Please contact Amy Batty - Support Staff;