Absence and Medical Procedures

Reporting a Child's Absence
To report a child's absence, you need to call the school no later than 9.15am and either speak to a member of the admin team or use the automated attendant and leave a message on the pupil absence voicemail. When leaving a voicemail message, clearly state your name, your child's name, their class and the reason for absence.
If your child is unwell for more than one day, you will need to phone the school each day your child is not well enough to attend school. We cannot assume that if your child is unwell and off school, that they automatically will be absent the following day.
If you fail to report your child's absence, it is recorded as an unauthorised absence, and this will effect your child's attandance record.
Medical Appointments
The school actively encourages you to book medical appointments out of school time, after school and during school holidays, as this affects your child's attendance, their education and learning.
Medical appointments booked in school time need to be reported to the school office and the attendance officer.
Medical appointments must be supported by a letter or appointment card in order for your child's absence to be recorded as medical absence. If you are unable to provide this, your child's absence is recorded as unauthorised absence, which will effect your child's attendance record.
If your child has a medical condition which requires medication (long or short term) then you will be required to fill out a medication form giving permission for medication to be adminsistered in school.
This form can be obtained from the school office or can be downloaded as below.