Attendance & Punctuality

Good attendance is important for all children. Government guidance is that every child must be in school at least 94% of the time.  

Our Inclusion Manager and the administration team monitor the attendance daily and if your child is absent, parent/carers must:


  • Contact the school by 9:00 am (email or phone call) to inform the school of the reason for their absence.
  • If the school have not been notified, the admin staff will call home.
  • If they are unable to speak to the parent/carers and the child has been absent for more than two days, a letter will be sent home.
  • If the absence persists and there is no contact with the school, the school will inform Hackney Education, and staff will do a home visit. 
  • If a child has persistent absence on certain days of the week, this would also trigger an alert, and parents/carers will be contacted. If it persists, the school will inform Hackney Education, who will further investigate.