Modern Foreign Language -Spanish

Learning a foreign language provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience in preparation for future life.


At St John of Jerusalem CE Primary School, we teach Spanish, starting in EYFS up until Year 6. Our aim is that by the time our children leave in Year 6 they will be prepared for their language learning in secondary school, with the desire to advance their learning of the Spanish language. Our school focuses on developing lessons to help engage pupils to learn new vocabulary in a fun and entertaining way.


 Pupils’ progress is assessed in the four skill areas: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. We use a range of teaching methods and use of group work and paired work, which benefits pupils when practising, developing and revising what they have learnt. Learning develops increasingly throughout the years’ which include: Greetings, counting, colours, body parts, celebrations, clothing, months, birthdays, animals, food, likes and dislikes, at school/playtime, things at home, things in towns, describing people, activities, games, sport and the body.


Using a whole school approach, we aim to immerse pupils’ in the Spanish culture by coordinating a ‘Spanish Day’ where all classes take part in thrilling and inspiring activities.