Early Years

Reem Bortcosh


The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum covers EYFS 1 (nursery) and EYFS 2 (reception) it is split into seven areas of learning, three prime areas and four specific areas


Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)
Physical Development (PD)
Communication and Language (CL)

Understanding the world
Expressive arts and design
The curriculum is underpinned by a play-based approach where children have access to all areas of learning within the classroom and in the outside learning area. Children will at times be directly taught a new skill and at other times discover for themselves through carefully planned play opportunities. The curriculum is based around four themes: the unique child, positive relationships, enabling environments and learning and development. Topics are planned in great detail to take account of children’s interests and skillfully link all the areas of learning.

The children are continually observed and assessed by teachers and nursery education officer so that they progress rapidly towards achieving the ‘early learning goals’.