Reception is the second and final year of the Early Years Foundation Stage.  Teaching follows a curriculum built on a combination of direct teaching and learning through a range of positive and play based experiences within seven areas of learning.

First there are three Prime Areas of learning.  These are deemed most important in the early years as they constitute the building blocks on which the other areas of the curriculum rest.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This area of learning incorporates teaching the children to make good relationships with their peers and adults, learning to be independent and to make good choices and to be aware of their own feelings and those of other people around them.

Communication and Language

This area involves helping to improve children’s listening and attention, their understanding of language and teaching them to speak clearly and succinctly using a range of vocabulary.

Physical Development

There are two strands within this prime area of learning.  One is concerned with how well children make both small and large-scale movements, and the other is concerned with physical health and safety.

There are also four additional areas of learning called the Specific Areas. 


There are two strands within this area of learning. The first is Reading and the other is Writing.


The two strands within this area are Number and Shape Space and Measures.  We have daily Maths Mastery sessions where we do practical work on the carpet with follow up work in small groups.

Understanding the World

The first strand in this area is People and Communities. This focuses on teaching the children about past, present and cultural events that take place within their lives.  The second strand is The World. This focuses on teaching the children to observe the world around them carefully and talk about their observations.  The last strand is Technology and this focuses on the uses of technology within our world.

Expressive Arts and Design

This area is about allowing the children opportunities to be creative in a range of aspects such as art, design, music and dance.

Our Topic

This term we are implementing our curriculum through the topic “All About Me”.  We will be learning about Our Families, Our Friends, Our Homes, Our Toys, Our Favourite Foods, Our Pets and Parts of the Body. We will also be learning some of these key words in Spanish during our Spanish lessons.

We are hoping to go to Victoria Park and to visit St John of Jerusalem Church this term.

We will also be celebrating Black History Month in October and we will be taking part in a Christmas Service at St John of Jerusalem Church.